Sound Image Supports Maroon 5

2015-03-31-eawESCONDIDO, CA – Maroon 5 has been on the road the last few months, carrying audio support from CA-based audio provider Sound Image. Behind the FOH desk for the band is veteran engineer Jim Ebdon (Aerosmith, Sting, Annie Lennox, Morrissey, Tears For Fears, among others) overseeing a sizable sound system that includes EAW’s new Anya PA.

“All I want to do every day is sit down at a mixing console with a system that sounds the same venue to venue; then I can concentrate on what I’m being hired to do, which is mix an exciting, great sounding show,” Ebdon remarked. “I can easily accomplish this with Anya. The Anya PA is very exciting to mix on; I’m amazed by the consistency of the coverage.” The tour’s new 54-module Anya system is bolstered by 24 SB2001 subwoofers and eight KF364 point source systems as front fill.

The product marks one of highest profile tours yet for EAW’s flagship product, designed as a complete, self-contained, high-power sound reinforcement system that adapts performance parameters electronically and requires no vertical curvature. Andrew Dowling, Sound Image system tech for the tour, noted, “When we compared Jim’s mix on Anya and competing systems in January the choice was obvious—the way the vocal came forward in Anya was amazing.”

“The Maroon 5 show sounds absolutely incredible,” said Sound Image president David Shadoan. “Jim Ebdon’s mix is spot on, and no system on the market could provide this level of performance and still fit into the incredibly small amount of real estate that M5’s set allows. The sight-lines are crucial. This is one more example of how Anya’s technology is the way of the future.”

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