Sound Image replaces aging point-source system with powerful and precise Kara arrays

LAKE FOREST, California (March 2017) — Lake Forest, California’s Saddleback Church, the host campus and broadcast site for the sizeable worship community led by Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren, has been in its current location for nearly 25 years, but never had an audio system upgrade—until now. Seeking to improve intelligibility, the church turned to the installation division of Escondido-based Sound Image, which replaced the site’s aging point-source system with a new L-Acoustics Kara array setup.

“There were all kinds of physical challenges,” recalls Sound Image’s Scott Coyle. “The room is basically a big square with about 200 feet per side, and the back quarter of the space is bleacher-style seating. Plus, there are glass walls down each side measuring 30 feet high by 90 feet long, so we started out faced with a 2.2-second reverb time.”

“The previous PA was put in when the room was built almost 25 years ago,” notes Saddleback Audio Lead Aaron Ruse. “It served the church fairly well, but audio technology has leapt forward so much in that time—especially in the past decade—that we knew that in order to provide the best experience for the congregation, it was time.”

“They did several comparative listening tests, including a final one in the actual room,” continues Sound Image’s Mike Fay, who was the integrator’s point of contact on-site. “They heard five or six PAs and kept coming back to L-Acoustics,” Coyle adds.

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