Sound Image And SSE Audio Announce Launch Of United Audio Companies

20150814uacEscondido, CA – Sound Image (Escondido, California) and SSE Audio Group (Redditch, UK), have announced the launch of a transatlantic joint venture.

Dubbed the UAC or United Audio Companies, the venture has been designed to enable both firms to improve the international support offered to their clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

The new arrangement means clients touring in Europe and the USA will benefit from a common touring infrastructure and around the clock support, so acts can work seamlessly on either continent.

Commenting on the new venture, Dave Shadoan, president of Sound Image explained: “Sound Image and SSE have very similar company philosophies. We both continue to invest heavily in today’s leading technology and we both put a heavy focus on our personnel and service. That is what sets us apart.”

Each of the partnering companies has introduced common technologies so touring acts will have a simple transition when they travel between the continents. All productions will have additional local contacts assigned to assist planning and coordination and reduce down time.

“It’s not just a US Company operating via an EU satellite office or vice versa in the US” explained SSE Audio Group MD John Penn, “It’s two full-service national PA companies with a full complement of staff, service facilities, vehicles, Production Managers and their long-developed support networks that are made available to the touring production – in addition to the equipment inventory and crew. It means that when a tour hits a snag, SSE in Europe or Sound Image in the States are far more likely to resolve the issue quickly.”

Neil Diamond’s current world tour is the first to officially use UAC, although both companies have been testing the waters over the last year with acts like Linkin Park, Tame Impala, Culture Club, Pharrell Williams, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Maroon 5 and Billy Idol.

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