Sound Image Production Profile – Jason Mraz and Raining Jane

1mrazESCONDIDO, CA — Seemingly having far more fun than should be legally allowable, Jason Mraz spent March stopping at 1,500 to 3,000 seat rooms along the West Coast and performing with indie folk/rock quartet Raining Jane. Prior to this foray, the two musical parties have been collaborating here and there since 2007, and they are now about to push a full studio album out the door.

But this is the first time they’ve done a tour together, and this short one foreshadows a longer one planned for the spring and summer.

While billed as an “acoustic” evening, don’t believe that the quintet doesn’t get rocking and even downright funky during this spunky, fun show. Making them sound great on the Sound Image-supported tour are Ettore “ET” Dedivitiis at FOH, with Sound Image’s Matt Kornick off in monitorland. Satoshi “Son” Nishimura is the system tech.

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