Nashville Does NYE Right
It’s All About the Music for 150,000 Revelers at This Year’s “Jack Daniel’s Bash on Broadway”

05-BOB_Chris%20Stapleton%20FOHNASHVILLE, TN – Nashville knows how to bring a crowd out: First of all, name it “Jack Daniel’s Bash on Broadway.” What’s not to like about any of those words? An annual event since 2009, this party keeps getting bigger and better. Making it more so is that Sound Image was brought in to handle the sound — which they accomplished by pretty much clearing out their warehouse for this end of 2015 event (188 speakers were used on the two stages) and bringing out all their top-notch crew.

The celebration, which took place in downtown Nashville’s Lower Broadway between 1st and 6th avenues, featured Kings of Leon as the headliner. Also performing on the main Jack Daniel’s Stage (JDS) were Sixwire, Big & Rich, Jason Eskridge, Sugar & The Hi-Lows, Kelsea Ballerini and Chris Stapleton. A second Music City Stage (MCS) at the other end of the festival featured Wild Cub, The Whigs and LANco. Adding to the fun was that bewitching moment when 2015 became 2016, where a 15-foot-tall red “Music Note Drop” slowly descended on the party hardy crowd of 150,000. Cue fireworks and confetti cannons. But this ain’t no New York City, so not surprisingly, it was really all about the music. And when you’re there with tens of thousands of your closest friends, you want a quality audio experience.

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