Five Finger Death Punch Exceeds Expectations With Adamson Systems Energia
By PSW Staff

IMG_9971.JPGSunday, December 14, 2014 – Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP), a heavy metal group that has gained tremendous popularity since their debut in 2007, recently toured the U.S. with Adamson Systems Energia line arrays.

The group co-headlined with Danish metal band Volbeat. Hellyeah and Nothing More – two other metal bands – were openers during the tour, which played largely sold-out arenas, performing for an average of 8,000 fans at each stop.

Escondido, CA-based Sound Image provided stacks and racks for the tour including 48 Adamson E15 and 12 E12 line source enclosures and 24 E218 subwoofers. Bruce Reiter, 5FDP front of house engineer and production manager for the tour, first heard an Adamson rig when visiting a friend mixing another rock band.

“I thought it translated heavy music in a smooth and powerful way,” Reiter explains. “After speaking with a few respected FOH mixers we decided it was the perfect fit for what Five Finger Death Punch was doing.”

“The production manager in me loves how quick and easy the system goes up and comes down,” he adds. “As a mixer I have to say that it’s frinkin’ awesome. My guitars sound natural, drums are crushing, bass is booming and vocals are crystal clear – never harsh – the PA has a very comfortable sound. The volume level from front to back in the arenas was incredibly even as well.”

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