EAW Gets Into GCU Via Sound Image

Phoenix, AZ (January 6, 2017) — Most sports venues take months if not years to build, but Grand Canyon University in Phoenix is in the middle of building 10 in two years—that a new sports facility every 10 weeks. Keeping up with that hectic pace meant that when the Tempe, AZ office of Sound Image (Escondido, CA) came in recently to install a sizable EAW QX system for GCU Stadium, the company did it in one day.

After reviewing the University’s public bid, Ben Davis, project manager, Sound Image, put together a design based on EAW QX loudspeakers that fit the criteria. He also included an EAW SB2001 subwoofer option that the school agreed to add in. “They wanted loudspeakers that would create a chest thumping experience, had exceptional audio quality, and could be weather-proofed to withstand the rigors of an outdoor installation while adding to the longevity of their investment,” Davis said. “QX has enough paper to create the punch, the SB2001 subs provide tremendous low end and EAW does a great job with weather-protecting their products. It was perfect – it hit all of their check marks.”

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