Sound Image’s Jim Douglas Passes

Escondido, CA (September 24, 2008)–Jim Douglas,JDouglas director of tour sound for audio provider Sound Image, passed away from Cancer on Monday, September 22, at the age of 61. Born in Scotland, Douglas spent nearly 40 years in the touring industry, becoming an influence and friend to generations of audio pros around the globe.
Jim Douglas – August 17, 1947 to September 22, 2008

Below is a tribute by Sound Image president David Shadoan.

Our friend Jim was a gentleman, father, husband and friend. His large stature and quiet style were two items you could never miss about his presence. He filled you with a sense of confidence–the kind of confidence you can only feel from someone who truly knows his business, is determined to get the best results every time, and can still be a gentleman while doing it. This is no doubt what caused him to be a monitor engineer and confidant to some of the great music makers of the seventies, including Ted Nugent, Paul McCartney, Foreigner and Aerosmith.

Jimmy’s career began in the 1960s, working with Jack Bruce as an assistant, soundman, tour manager and more, handling the myriad of details that went into those early days of touring.

Jim’s work on the road with Electrosound in the 1970s as a top monitor engineer and crew chief took him around the world on the some of the largest music tours of the day. He was never full of himself, and always had time to mentor and help people on his crew who sought to better themselves. Let it be known that Jim was not a push-over. He demanded the best of himself and therefore those around him on his crews. If you did not meet his high expectations, he certainly was not ashamed to let you know it–and typically, you were a better person for it.

Jim found his way off the road during the 1980s, joining the management team at Electrosound as a key individual in charge of operations. His time on the road immediately brought him respect from all on the team, and allowed Jim to organize the company operations to a new level. He had the uncanny knack of being able to track untold amounts of equipment, cable, microphones, consoles and cases with no more than a few pads of paper and a pencil. No computer necessary–just the innate talent achieved from all those many years of doing shows.

Jim was the strong rudder that steered Electrosound (Electrotec) through the 1980s and into the 1990s, when PRG acquired the company in 1999. During 2000, Jim met with Dave Shadoan and was hired to assume the position as Director of Tour Sound at Sound Image. It did not take long for Jim to establish himself as an integral part of the Sound Image management team. He was instrumental in bringing many of his industry friends into the Sound Image family, including David Gautrey, George Barnes, Son Nishimura and Martin Ruiz, as well as many established sound engineers and their clients.

Our friend Jim was an example of what we should all aspire to be; he was a man of high integrity, strength, dedication and one who was always there when you needed a hand.

Jim, we will miss you. The world was a much better place with you in it.